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House of Prayer: January Prayer Points

News--House of Prayer Richards
“My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations.” ––Isaiah 56:7
“The effective fervent prayers of a righteous man avails much.” ––James 5:16a

Answered Prayers:

1. For the wonderful Christmas services, worship, live nativity scene and full church at all services. A special thanks for the Lessons and Carols service where we had standing room only. To God be the Glory.

2. For giving our clergy extra strength and anointed messages throughout the many services.

3. For our lawyer Alan Runyan and the team presenting our Diocese’s arguments before the South Carolina Supreme Court.

4. For a hugely successful art auction.

Prayer Points for Local Needs:

1. For good health and protection for our clergy and their families.

2. For the new semester of Theology on Tap to be blessed and for Brian and Justin to see and hear any new strategy that the Holy Spirit might have for this season.

3. For the Foundations class to be well attended and for Andrew’s leadership to be blessed and inspiring.

4. For the staff, vestry, choirs, and worship teams to keep leading us to worship in Spirit and Truth.

5. For the State Supreme Court to rule in our Diocese’s favor, including St. Christopher’s, and make the decision quickly.


6. Prayers for the virus: “Holy Father, we stand against the coronavirus and every form it takes and pray that everyone affected will recover quickly.”

7. For Charleston to reclaim her inheritance as The Holy City and for Revival to come in God’s timing.

8. For the reputation of Charleston as the Holy City to remain and grow more in righteousness.

9. “Let FAITH arise and let our enemies be scattered.”

  • For our leadership (the mayor, city council, and our governor): For the fear of the Lord to be in all of their meetings and decisions.          
  • Safety for our police and first responders.
  • For employee issues to be solved and positions filled.

Prayer Points for All Nations:

1. For Afghanistan:

  • For the American and Afghan helpers that may still be left behind to be rescued as well as protected.

For a change of hard hearts of those in leadership toward the people.

2. For Haiti:

Praise Report: All of the hostages have escaped safely. They walked out under the cover of night and following the stars to freedom.

  • Pray that the interim president will be a godly person.
  • For the gangs to break up.
  • For the medical clinics to be able to function.

3. For Honduras:

For the new president to be a good leader and wise as she begins her position. May her focus be on regaining law and order and helping the people.

4. For Taiwan:

  • For protection from China taking over their country.

5. For Ukraine:

  • Stop the aggression from Russia trying to take over the country.

6. For Georgia (country)

  • Stop the Russian Orthodox Church from taking over the Georgia Orthodox Churches. Stop the advancement of Russia into the capital of Tbilisi. (This news comes from Will Cathcart, a former member of our church living there)

7. For Israel:

  • For protection and wise leadership for the new Prime Minister.
  • For peace within the walls of Jerusalem.

8. For America:

  • For wisdom for all those in Congress and special committee’s making critical decisions that affect all of the people.
  • For wisdom for the Supreme Court to follow the Constitution and laws.
  • For the fear of the Lord to be present in all meetings.
  • For the immigration problems and open borders be solved.
  • For inflation to get under control.
  • Prayer: “Father, rebuild your covenant between God and America again and forgive our sins as a nation.”

Miscellaneous: Youth

Pray that “the hearts of the fathers turn to the children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers.”––Malachi 4:6. May this generation recognize the inheritance that God has for them.