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House of Prayer March Prayer Points

News--House of Prayer Richards

“My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations.”––Isaiah 56:7

“The effective fervent prayers of a righteous man avails much.”––James 5:16a

Answered Prayers

1. For the increase in all of our services.

2. For the new members of the vestry.

4. For the well-attended annual meeting.

5. Thanksgiving that COVID-19 seems to be getting under control.

6. For Ben’s new assistant.

Prayer Points for Local needs

1. For good health and safety for our clergy and their families.

2. For Jeff’s sabbatical this summer to be a blessing to him and his family.

3. For safety for those going on the trip to Germany to see the Passion Play.

4. For continuing success for Theology on Tap as well as the Foundations Class.

5. For a good response to the next Spiritual Gifts class in May.

6. For blessings on Archbishop Foley Beach’s visit to St. Philip’s.

7. For Wisdom for the Vestry and for the new members as they join the others.

8. For the State Supreme Court (Justices Beatty, Few, Kittredge, James, and Lockemy) to rule in our diocese’s favor, including St. Christopher’s. Suggested prayers from Penn Hagood: Pray that the thinking and writing of each Justice will be guided by humility, Godly wisdom, and true discernment. Pray that they may rule justly and with courage.

9. For Charleston to reclaim her inheritance as The Holy City and for Revival to come in God’s timing.

10. For the reputation of Charleston as the Holy City to remain and grow more in righteousness.

11. For our leadership (the mayor, city council and our governor). For the fear of the Lord to be in all of their meetings and decisions.

  • Safety for our police and first responders.
  • For employee issues to be solved and positions filled.

Prayer Points for the Nations:

1. For Ukraine:

  • For a miracle to stop Putin and the war.
  • For the humanitarian aid to get through.
  • For the 100,000 orphans to be evacuated safely and for people from many countries to house them.
  • For protection for President Zelensky and his family (many have been sent assassinate him).
  • For agreements to be honored for safe routes needed for the people to exit.
  • For mercy, Lord. Push back the enemy and save this nation.

2. For Taiwan:

  • That China would NOT invade this country and they can remain a free and independent nation.

3. For Afghanistan:

  • For safety for those still left behind in this country. Open up a way for them to be rescued.

4. For Israel:

  • For protection and wise leadership for the new prime minister, Naftali Bennett.
  • For peace within the walls of Jerusalem.
  • For protection for this nation from the assaults of the enemy.

5. For America:

  • For wisdom for the Supreme Court to follow the Constitution and laws.
  • For the fear of the Lord to be present in all meetings going on in Congress. Wise counsel for the president and military leaders.
  • For the immigration problems and open borders to be solved.
  • For inflation to get under control.
  • For the upcoming elections for seats in the House and Senate. May those elected be godly people and have the courage to stand for truth and righteousness.
  • For the gas crisis to be solved.

Prayer: “Father rebuild your covenant between God and America again, and forgive our sins as a nation.”