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House of Prayer: October Prayer Points

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“My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations.” ––Isaiah 56:7

“The effective fervent prayers of a righteous man avails much.” ––James 5:16a

Prayer Points for Local Needs

1. For good health and protection for our clergy and their families.

2. For God’s choice for our next bishop.

3. For the State Supreme Court to rule in our diocese’s favor after hearing oral arguments on Dec. 8th. Pray for justice and righteousness to prevail on our behalf.

4. For the virus to end and for those that have it to be healed.

5. For peace for our city:

  • for our leadership
  • for safety for our police
  • for no more violence
  • for our businesses to thrive

Prayer Points for All Nations

1. For Afghanistan:

  • for all the Christians and all the Afghan people who helped us to get out safely
  • for wisdom, safety, and success for those still arranging private evacuations
  • for mercy and protection for those left behind

2. For Haiti

  • that the earthquake survivors get the humanitarian supplies that they need
  • for wisdom regarding the 60,000 immigrants coming through Panama to get to the United States

3. For Taiwan and Japan

  • for protection from China taking over these nations

4. For Israel

  • for Naptali Bennett, the new Prime Minister, to have the support and wisdom needed to protect Israel
  • for the peace of Jerusalem

5. For the United States

  • for God’s wisdom for the leadership in Washington.
  • for the Fear of the Lord to be in the midst of every meeting and decision
  • for the education system to include parental involvement and reject the
  • curriculums that are anti-American
  • for Christians to rise up all across the land praying for Revival and a great Awakening
  • for the Supreme Court to have wisdom as they reconvene
  • for Justice Kavanaugh to be healed from COVID

6. For our Southern Border

  • for the immigration problems to be solved and for the Homeland Security teams to have the help that they need
  • for the Cartels to be caught and defeated
  • for those involved in sex trafficking and drugs be found and prosecuted
  • for the children be protected
  • for the land owners along the border states, especially Texas and Arizona, be protected

Pray the following Scripture for all of the above: “Let God arise, let His enemies be scattered: let those also who hate Him flee before Him.”––Psalm 68:1

May we as a church be found faithful as one of the Lord’s Houses of Prayer.