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House of Prayer: September Prayer Points

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“My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations.” ––Isaiah 56:7

“The effective fervent prayers of a righteous man avails much.” ––James 5:16a

Answered Prayers (Thank You, Lord):

1. For the successful return of our choir members and the folks who supported them by joining them. (Prayer: May their pilgrimage produce tons of fruit for the Kingdom and especially those who attended the services.)

2. For the safe and fruitful vacations that our clergy and their families were able to enjoy over the summer.

3. For a great celebration giving God all the glory on Rally Sunday.

Prayer Points for Local Needs

1. For extra measure of wisdom for the Rt. Rev. Chip Edgar, our diocesan bishop, and the Rt. Rev. Ruth Woodliff-Stanley, bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina. Pray they could work together in the final decisions that still affect many of the churches.

2. For the State Supreme Court NOT to reverse the decision releasing Old St. Andrews in Charleston and Church of the Holy Cross in Statesburg. 

3. For the Open Door Ministry to have all the volunteers needed to open our church doors to our visitors.

4. For those called to be Sunday School teachers for our children. For blessings for Dorothy Lancaster and her leadership.

5. For blessings for our Vestry. Give them unity as they meet and make decisions for the new season at St. Philip’s.

6. For all of the ministries involving our young people from the youngest to the oldest.

7. For Pat Gould’s retirement. Express your thanks to her remarkable and anointed leadership. Pray the new season in her life is filled with great blessings.

8. For protection from the flooding, storms, and possible hurricanes during these next few months.

9. For Charleston’s leadership (the mayor, city council, and our governor): for the fear of the Lord to be in all of their meetings and decisions.    

10. For the plans to develop 21 units on Cumberland St. to be changed or stopped. May our letter from St. Philip’s make a difference. Mercy, Lord.  

Prayer Points for the Nations

1. For Ukraine:

  • For a miracle to stop Putin and the war.
  • For the Ukraine soldiers to be released from the Russian prisons. For them to be treated humanely.
  • For the nuclear power plant to be prevented from leaking. May the inspectors be allowed in.

2. For Taiwan:

  • That China would NOT invade the country and Taiwan can remain a free and independent nation.

3. For Israel:

  • For guidance as they consider a new leader and government.
  • For the missiles to stop bombarding the country.
  • For peace within the walls of Jerusalem.

5. For America:

  • For protection for the members of the Supreme Court and their families. For wisdom and unity among its members as they reconvene.
  • For the fear of the Lord to guide all meetings in Congress special committee meetings.
  • For wisdom for the military advisors dealing with all the issues around the world.
  • For the upcoming elections for seats in the House and Senate. May those elected be godly people and have the courage to stand for truth.
  • For inflation to come under control, especially as it affects seniors, the poor, and those on fixed incomes.
  • For the immigration problems to be solved and for the cartels to lose their power.

Prayer: In Jesus’ name we place a sign over Congress, the White House, and all people in positions of authority saying, “Let God arise and let his enemies be shattered. That only God’s Truth will prevail.”