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Mere Anglicanism 2023 ~ Telling a More Beautiful Story

News--Bailey Mere Anglicanism

How does one describe an event like Mere Anglicanism? A few weeks ago, Lea Andrews asked if I’d write an article about my experience at the conference. Without giving it much thought, I agreed and didn’t think about it again until it was too late to back out. Had I truly understood the extraordinary lineup of speakers, their impressive bios, and the depth of their kno...

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God Is Talking to Us. Are We Listening?

News--Jimmy Bailey God is Speaking

One of the hardest things to accept as a Christian is that God allows suffering to occur. We have all suffered in one way or another over the course of this pandemic, and sometimes it makes me angry, other times confused. If you believe God created heaven and earth, made man in his image, became man himself, died on a cross, and then ascended to heaven, then you have to be...

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Bearing One Another's Burdens

Jimmy Bailey

A few years ago, I sat in a question-and-answer session with Jeff, who was still early in his ministry at St. Philip's. One question was about his vision for our church. Among other things, he talked about the importance of getting to know one another, practicing hospitality, the church being a family, and becoming the type of community where we “bear one another’s bur...

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