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Family Fun at Italian Bingo Night!


“Bingo!” someone shouted through the packed Italian restaurant. Wait, what? Bingo in an Italian restaurant? “Restaurant” may be a bit of an exaggeration, but the Parish Hall was transformed into a beautiful space for our youth group fundraiser on March 19. We had the Edison bulbs hanging from the rafters, red-and-white checked table cloths, wine bottles filled w...

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I’ll Have What HE Is Having!


Discipleship starts in the home and with weekly attendance to the Church’s sacramental life! If you want your kids to follow Jesus, then you and your spouse had better be the ones to lead the way. After that, in her wisdom, the Church guides families to Sunday School, VBS, and Youth Group! The Bride of Christ teaches, molds, and forms the patterns of life that become the...

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Got Hope?


“How was your weekend?” My beautiful wife asked me. “It was ...” was all I could say as my 80-lb. beast of a dog almost knocked me to the ground upon my return from Regenerate. Regenerate is a youth retreat designed for high school students to grow closer to the Lord Jesus. For 20 years, this event has been held at Camp St. Christopher. This year’s theme wa...

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Ministry in the Time of COVID-19

News--Ministry in the time of COVID-19

That title sounds like it belongs to a science fiction novel, one that would open, “It all started while the world was still spinning but suddenly came to a halt. It seemed that all social mores were lost as the gravity of the pandemic gripped the once bustling planet. A silent planet it became, for the noise of machine and man came to a rest. Birds once forgotten could ...

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A Christmas Story

Gilbert Christmas

The Christmas Eve service is so beautiful and special to my heart for so many reasons. I was raised in a non-Christian home and didn’t come to the Lord until I was 22. I was visiting Charleston for Christmas (this was before Jordan Warlick and I were wed) and it was my first time meeting her parents, Bill and Carolyn Warlick. They discovered I wasn’t a Christian and st...

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What’s Another Word for Hospitality? “McAdams!”

Youth Group McAdams

Sunday, May 19, was a gorgeous day and our last high school youth group of the season. What was different about this when compared to other senior high send-offs? The McAdams family hosted our youth group at their home on Shem Creek. Allison (Mrs. McAdams) had been asking me for a while to please take her up on her offer to host us during a high tide. She twisted my arm so...

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